Five Things no one tells you about Fishing

five things no one tells you about fishing

Read the bullet points below and you’ll definitely find things you weren’t told about before you began your fishing sessions.

1. Smelly environmentThe fish smell. Your bait smells – whether it’s moldy old cheese paste, sweaty maggots on the turn (which is when they get really ripe), fishmeal pellets or curry flavored boillies.

2. Evening is the best time to go fishingVery early mornings are good too, but whereas the fishing usually gets worse as the morning wears on, the fishing gets better as darkness falls. Win, win.

3. There’s more to fishing than catching the fishIt helps of course, but if you only go fishing to catch fish, then you’re missing the point. Instead, go to be close to nature, to sit in one place – or several places – so quietly that you blend in with your surroundings.

4.  Fishing is addictiveIt doesn’t happen to everyone, but sometimes, when a new angler is making their way to the river from the car park, or at the bank tackling up, or watching a trout sip flies from the surface, or hearing the ‘cloop’ of a carp doing the same, there’s a switch – it’s deep inside all of us – that just gets flipped.

5. Fish can be caught under your tip.The biggest fish that many anglers ever catch will take a bait fished at their feet, so there’s no need to acquire competition-standard casting skills or spend loads of money on an expensive set up. Instead, try acquiring something else – stealth.

You should be able to relate to these points and that should bring up happy or sad memories and whichever comes up just think that since you’re still fishing wasn’t the pain worth it?

Weren’t these small things the attributes about fishing that you soon either hated or fell in love with?  If they were either of the two then you know that you are a dedicated fisher with a high level of experience.  Fishing requires that you learn each and every time you go out to catch some fish.

Source: The Telegraph

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